Cycling Confidence and Peak Performance

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As a top sport psychologist, I would like to address some questions related to successful performances. My answers relate to my work, and my experience as an elite cyclist.

What is the psychology of excellence?

Successful performance in different fields follows a similar pattern. What drives a cyclist to peak performance also propels a cyclist to excellence. The ideas of performance enhancement that applies to athletics also applies to life.

Is successful performance related to happiness? Why?

Yes, successful performance is related to happiness, feeling energized, and achieving one’s personal aspirations. As a sport psychologist, I find personal fulfillment in inspiring and facilitating others to achieve their potential and to overcome obstacles in their path.

What contributes to excellence in cycling?

One of the keys to excellence in cycling, and apart from sport is to focus on the present, and avoid thinking about past or future performances. I help athletes develop a process, or routine, of performing that enables them to focus on what is happening right now.

Why are well-defined goals important for an individual?

Those athletes who have well-defined goals, and can focus on the process of performance rather than on the outcome during competition will achieve the greatest success.

Why is it so important to accept the present moment?

Acceptance of being in the present moment gives one a sense of freedom. A freedom to play, a freedom to perform, and freedom from evaluations or expectations of others. Being in the present moment allows one to be in a “trusting mind set”, and to be an authentic performer. This allows you to be your true self during, and apart from competition. To learn more about being an “authentic performer” tune into my next article. Thanks for reading.

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