Exogrid Technology Enhances Baseball

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Exogrid is a new patented technology from Vyatek Sports Inc.

Every piece of Exogrid material starts it’s life as one solid piece of strong ultralight metal such as titanium or other advanced alloys. Using state of the art machining techniques such as CNC laser cutting the metal is cut away leaving a web or matrix of metal.

This single web of metal is then filled with an internal core of advanced composite such as carbon fibre. Using a patented bifusion process the two different materials are fused together. This fusion process takes intense heat and pressure to complete.

The result is a material that has exceptional qualities, bringing together both the strength’s of metals and of lightweight composites. Exogrid has the strength of metal and the better torsion characteristics, and design flexibility of composite. The metal and composite have different natural frequencies which help to dampen vibration in the Exogrid material.

The material is being used in many applications, particularly sports. Exogrid products exist in tennis, lacrosse, cyling, golf, and baseball.

In baseball, Louisville slugger has come out with the TPX Exogrid baseball bat which uses Exogrid technology. Louisville Slugger claims that the bat has a much stiffer handle than bats of it’s competition. The lack of handle flex allows more trampoline effect at the bat barrel to transfer force from the bat to the baseball and therefore propel the ball faster and further.

After testing the bat out in BP I can tell you that I am a believer. The bat consistently hit 40 to 50 ft. further than my average. The bat is end weighted and is designed to be a homerun hitter’s bat.

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