The importance of sport for children in school

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In recent years the focus on sport in schools has grown more intensive as medical and health professionals have highlighted the importance of exercise extensively; however, exercise is not only an important tool for keeping obesity at bay but also has a huge impact on the healthy development of children. From tennis to hockey and football, any type of exercise or sporting activity has proven to be incredibly beneficial for children of school age. Once they have their Junior Football Kits, hockey kits or netball outfits sorted they can learn the skills and techniques needed to master each of the sports they take part in. Football kits from kitking are a great option if you are looking for somewhere to source your items from.

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Regular exercise or engagement in sporting activities can improve motor skills and co-ordination, boost confidence and benefit psychosocial development. The skills learnt during school should not be limited to those at a desk but also on a court, field or similar sporting arena.

Sporting values

By participating in sport children can learn a number of important values. The media has covered the importance of sport in school extensively in an effort to encourage parents, teachers and students to recognise the importance being active has on those who are in various stages of development.

Key values such as teamwork, honesty, fair play, respect and the importance of rules and structure are all taught during sporting activities. Children who engage in sport also learn how to cope with competition and with what winning and losing feels like. Social and moral development is encouraged by sport and for many children being active also improves their confidence and helps them to become more resilient.

Creating a habit

By encouraging school children to participate in sporting activities teachers can set the groundwork for future involvement in sports. Healthy habits can be started young and a teacher who engages pupils and encourages them to be active will have a positive impact on both physical education and healthy habits of the future. There are a number of resources available for physical education teachers and being able to find exercise options online makes getting children active even easier.

Encouraging children to participate in sport has a knock-on effect on results in the classroom. Studies have shown that children who participate in regular sports concentrate better and are able to focus for longer periods of time.

Sport in schools is incredibly important and the developmental benefits for children of all ages are extensive.